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About Us
Welcome to My Friend Needs A Kidney (MFNAK)
Many of us have watched a person go through a major life changing medical event. As a result of that  event they may have died.  At time of death you may have said to yourself, what could I had done to make this person’s life better?  Why didn’t I spend more time with him or her? If I could do somethings over again I would do this or that different.

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The Journey

Yes, your friend needs a kidney.

In 1999, I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. I have been managing the disease through healthy eating. Keep in mind that I can only be defeated by this disease in one or two ways—death or a kidney transplant. And death is not an option.

Your friend had open heart surgery in 2009. He had two surgery’s’ in one day. The first surgery was aortic valve replacement.

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Why a Living Kidney Donor

Why a Living Kidney Donation (Gift of Life) is a better consideration?

• Potential donors can be tested ahead of time. If you qualify as a Living Donor, you have the ability to decide when the transplant will be performed.
• A kidney from a Living Donor usually functions immediately, because the kidney is out of the body for a very short time.

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