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Community Yard & Hoagie Sale

Community Yard & Hoagie Sale

Fundraiser The Friends of Purnell Wright are hosting a Community Yard and Hoagie Sale in support of My Friend Needs A Kidney Campaign. All proceeds from this event will benefit Purnell Wright aka My Friend Needs A Kidney. Currently, Purnell is on Peritoneal Dialysis....

Duke Kidney Transplant Paired Donation Program

For those seeking a kidney transplant, finding a living donor who matches your need can be difficult. Watch how three families were impacted by the Duke Kidney Paired Donation Program. The program assists donor and recipient pairs who are incompatible or poorly...

Living donors and kidney transplant: A donor's perspective

Barbara Thomas, a living donor for a kidney transplant patient, explains how she decided to give a kidney to an acquaintance. She discusses what her experience was during the evaluation, surgery and recovery and how she feels today. If you have questions or would like...

Living Kidney Donor Surgery | Q&A

Transplant surgeon Dorry Segev discusses the kidney transplant waiting list, living kidney donors, surgery, recovery and the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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