What Is Paired Kidney Exchange?

Yes, One Kidney may save more than one life

This process started in 2001 at John Hopkins. The paired kidney exchange is an option for recipients who have a living donor who are medically approved to donate a kidney but are not a match to their intended recipient. This pair exchange consists of two or more kidney donors and/or recipients who are medically approved to donate and or approved to receive a kidney.

This exchange provides two compatible recipients to receive a healthy kidney.My Friend Needs A KidneyWhat are the benefits of kidney paired donation?*

  • The recipient may receive the benefits of a compatible living donor kidney transplant Kidneys that come from a living donor last longer, on average, than kidneys that come from a deceased donor.
  • The recipient may also require less immunosuppressant drug therapy after a transplant from a living donor.
  • Transplant recipients may wait less time for a transplant.
  • Transplant recipients may spend less time on dialysis.
  • Transplant recipients may receive a transplant before they begin dialysis.
  • It can be a rewarding experience for the donor as more recipients are transplanted and their families are helped by their donation.


Information is from transplant living.org*

For more detailed visit transplantliving.org*




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