Why A Living Kidney Donor?

Why a Living Kidney Donation (Gift of Life) is a better consideration?

  • Potential donors can be tested ahead of time. If you qualify as a Living Donor, you have the ability to decide when the transplant will be performed.
  • ¬†A kidney from a Living Donor usually functions immediately, because the kidney is out of the body for a very short time. Some deceased donor kidneys do not function immediately, and as a result, the patient may require dialysis
    until the kidney starts to function.*
  • Getting a kidney from a Living Donor tends to be of higher quality than from a deceased donor.*
     Depending on the Living Donor, one kidney may be able to save two or more lives.

For additional information on the various types of Living Donations please visit www.kidney.org
*This information is from the International Association of Living Organ Donors, Inc.

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